Debat bahasa Inggris yang tak menentu


wah sebenarnya saya sendiri malu kalo lihat video ini yaya pengalaman pertama berbahasa inggris di depan banyak orang, dan hasilnya tidak fokus, lupa mau ngomong apa, keringetan, tangan pun dingin

maaf ya kalo bahasa saya tidak dimengerti

dan ini bahanya

Fajar Nur Rachmad
Team 22



positive impact if students allow to bring mobile phone to school, such as:
1. Increase knowledge about the development of technology. Technology is always evolving according to age and patterns of human thought that is always moving towards modernization. Therefore it is better also if students are also able to follow the development of information technology and knowledge to students as well.
2. Facilitate communication, especially long-distance To help students who have difficulty in doing homework, mobile phone can help contact friends who live far away to ask PR because it can save time.
3. Expand the network of friendship by using mobile phone students can easily add friends directly via phone or text message (SMS).
4. As an entertainer when students learn saturated In mobile phone there are features – MP3 or gaming features that can provide entertainment to the students so that when the students experiencing burnout in student learning can listen to music or just playing games.
5. There are features of the Internet that can help students search for information. It is able to help students to find information or course materials through the internet features contained in mobile phone.
6. Have a lot of memory Mobile has a lot of memory to store a lot of data easily and can be taken anywhere, whether the subject matter information, photos – photos, videos, test results, information on the latest books and music. It can be used to assist and facilitate the students understand the lesson.


Music in the mobile phone is also necessary in learning. In addition to entertainment students can also learn to make music

Games in the mobile phone can also be used by students to learn. As we now know it also has a lot of learning games that can be played students, even students can learn how to make a mobile phone based game

Mobile phones can also be used by students to communicate with their parents. For example, if students want to be picked up by their parents so students can use the mobile phone as a medium of communication

In a networked computer lessons students can learn about the wireless network. For examples, data sharing from computer to mobile phone


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