Tugas bahasa Inggris

Curiculum Vitae

Full name                    :  Fajar Nur Rachmad

Gender                        :  Male

Place, Date of Birth      :  Tangerang, 3 Nobember 1993

Nationality                   :  Indonesia

Marital Status              :  Single

Height, Weight             :  170cm, 68kg

Religion                       :  Islam

Address                      :  Kp. Maruga RT 06 RW 04 NO 39 Tangerang Selatan

Mobile                         :  085228824777

E-mail                         :  fajarnurrachmad@gmail.com

From School                :  SMKN 1 Kota Tangerang Selatan

My Family

My family consists of four people. There’s my father whose name is Sumino, my mother whose name is Piasih, my sister, Puspa and of course, me. My father works as a mechanic. My father likes as listening to music campursari

Now I’ll describe my mother and my brother. she is a home maker.She like cooking. My sister is thirteen years old. He is interested in music like my father.She also spends a lot of time with his friends

My parents have assigned me certain duties around the house. I don’t mind helping out because everyone in a family should contribute in some way.  I help with the mopping floor. Of course I also have to help keep my room tidy as well. My sister is responsible to washing dishes. I am also very close to my parents and I can rely on them to always try to help me. My parents work together to keep our home well maintained and it seems they always have some project or another that they are working on. They respect each other’s opinions and even if they disagree they can always come to a compromise. I hope in the future that I have a family like ours.


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